‘I last saw my brother at Manchester airport 20 years ago when I was 7 years old. He was leaving for Australia. I clearly remember giving him a hug and saying goodbye and that we’d see each other again.

‘We communicated by hand written letters over the years. All his letters were always so loving and positive. Whenever he used to phone at Xmas and would say goodbye to me, he could barely talk he was so upset. I really remember not understanding why he was so sad. I think it became easier over the years not to make that call and just to cut himself off a bit.

‘He didn’t phone at Xmas in 2003 and we got a bit worried. He’d been travelling around Australia and promised he’d be better at keeping in touch. He was always at this one address at Stanmore so we always knew we could get hold of him there.

‘Shortly after that, I got the last letter I’ve ever had from him. It was really sweet. He said never to worry about him and he’s very happy. I carried on writing after that but we didn’t hear anything for a while.

‘In 2009, I got every single letter I sent him to Stanmore sent back to me unopened, altogether in a big package.

‘I came out last year for 2 months to look for him. I’ve contacted the Salvation Army, Missing Persons Register, Red Cross. I went to the electoral roll and visited every Martin Roberts in Sydney. I wrote to every single Martin Roberts across Australia. I’ve checked the death register. Nothing. Immigration says he hasn’t moved on so I know he’s here.

‘I’ve given up my life, my job, my partner, everything to come out here again to look for him. Police have confirmed there is a Martin David Roberts with his date of birth listed to an address in Newtown. That’s the best news ever because it means he’s still alive because there is a part of you that starts thinking something awful happened to him.

‘He was seen 4 months ago at Newtown station and around 9 months ago at Town Hall station and apparently he’s a bit of a regular in pokie rooms around Newtown.

‘I don’t want to judge him for anything he’s been through. I don’t need a justification or a reason. None of us do. I just want to tell him that I love him and that he’s loved and missed.’


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  1. Police have released new images in the appeal for public assistance to help positively identify a man who was found deceased in Manly last year, as a Coronial inquest into the man’s death begins.

    The man, believed to be about 46 years old, was known as Paul Lachlan, and lived in West Esplanade, Manly.

    On Thursday 20 November 2014, the man was discovered deceased in his home on West Esplanade.

    The death is not believed to be suspicious.

    Despite extensive inquiries, police have not been able to positively identify the man. He was not in possession of any identification or identifying documentation and police have not been able to locate any family who can confirm his identity.

    Police have not located any bank accounts or communication services in his name. It appears the man took significant effort to not have his name recorded by government departments, agencies or businesses.

    Police believe the man entered Australia from the United Kingdom, possibly Manchester, sometime in the 1990s; however there is no further information on his movements available.

    Due to police being unable to be conclusively established his identity throughout the investigation, officers are unable to confirm his name is Paul Lachlan.

    Police are seeking to identify the man so next of kin can be notified and funeral arrangements can be made.

    The Coroner’s inquest has been adjourned until 16 February 2016 in the hope some information comes from the public which will help identify the man.


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