‘The biggest gig we did was the very first Big Day Out at the Hordern (Pavillion) in 1992. Standing beside the stage while Nirvana was on was pretty full on – it was such a mad gig. I actually have a photo of Kurt Cobain’s blood in the sink from backstage. It was really sad because he was riddled with ulcers. They had the ambulance guys waiting for Kurt – the amount of blood he threw up in the sink… it was horrendous; he was so sick. It wasn’t too long after that that he passed away.

‘One of the funniest things at the Big Day Out was my dad backstage. I turn around and my dad’s having a big chat with Henry Rollins and Tex (Perkins). I was just beside myself – it was really funny. That was actually the day we felt the most like rockstars

‘I played violin, keyboard and percussion many years ago with my partner Goose in a band called Box the Jesuit for a long time and Madroom before that. I couldn’t play violin classically or anything but we were an art, angst-ridden band so I guess I taught myself and whatever…it was always my own thing and I loved it! In interviews I was written up as sounding like two cats copulating – I took it as a huge compliment!’