Portrait photography

We love people! Photographing people is what we’re passionate about. We offer a variety of portrait styles – from a more relaxed Humans of Newtown (HON) style shoot through to corporate portraits. Contact us on info[at]rubystarpr.com.au for more information.

Drummer_DSC8947 small James Sherwood_DSC8255 small Heidi Haydon_DSC4989 small Melissa_DSC5193 small Nina and Alanna_DSC3030 small Paul_DSC2792 small

Troy Smith_DSC3152


2 thoughts on “Portrait photography

  1. Hey there, hoping to have a really simple but telling portrait taken of myself to use on my soon to be created website and blog. Also to be used on business cards and flyers. Possibly a few different simple portrait pics to be used on various media.
    Hoping to be able to set this up with you as I have been stalling for quite a while. Don’t like having photos taken.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Greg. Sorry I missed your message, Could you please send through your telephone number and I can give you a call re this if you’re still interested? I just did this for another client the other day. Cheers.


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