Content marketing & social media

Most organisations have a social media presence, however most are unable to effectively communicate with their target audience guiding them on their strategic business journey. Engaging storytelling and quality imagery can help your strategic communications and business objectives.

An experienced, senior level communications professional, Humans of Newtown (HON) founder, Jo Wallace will work with you to understand your business and communications objectives.  She extracts engaging, meaningful and compelling content that will not only dazzle your readers but lead them on your business journey with you.

How HON will work with you
HON will work to create timeless, engaging content that can be used across all mediums. For example – on Facebook, Instagram, web pages, annual reports, brochureware, catalogues – anywhere that timeless and compelling content has a place in communicating your overall business objectives and inspiring your customer to act.

We will work with you on events, festivals, launches, sales, customer feedback stories, creating case studies, open days, fundraisers and corporate events.

It’s perfect for:

  • Communicating customer satisfaction stories
  • Fundraising
  • Issues awareness
  • Recording and promoting events
  • Case studies for media, online or sales collateral
  • Communicating success stories to potential business partners

Contact us on info[at] to discuss how we can help your business grow.

Download our flyer HON two page print

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