‘My friends were surprised to hear me sing because they didn’t know I could sing really. I’ve been playing guitar for the past seven years – since I was seven. I only started singing just a few months ago though. I’d sung just a bit around the house because my dad plays bass and my mum plays guitar so we always play together. I’ve heard that it’s 90% confidence or something and I think if you can get past that, anyone can really sing.‘I’ve got a bunch of songs written and have recorded two of them so hopefully I’ll finish that off soon and release an EP. I’ve also uploaded one of my songs on Triple J Unearthed High. It’s called ‘But then you find life.’

‘The hardest part of breaking in to the industry is getting originals gigs rather than just playing covers. I had my first gig last week at a restaurant in Glebe. I’d be happy with any gig really – nothing too crazy.’

What do you love most about music?

‘Everyone plays it differently so it’s always going to be something unique.’


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