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‘I feel her all the time. I don’t know if that’s a bizarre thing. My dad and I have spoken about that. I’ve had a Christian upbringing and both my parents were Christians but my dad’s family is Buddhist so he’s got that real spiritual side of him as well. I remember when mum passed, he said when it happens, don’t get upset because her spirit will come back. It was very poignant at that point.

‘There are all these moments all the time. I have this warmth and I don’t know what it is. I definitely feel her. I see her. I see things that remind me of her. People’s characteristics. Smells. Voices.

‘I believe in afterlife. I think that’s the only thing that’s kept me OK about it all. Because if I didn’t think there was something after it, it would be a real struggle for me to understand why it happened. I would struggle to think that this is the end. There is too much amazingness in life; there are too many things you can’t explain to not believe in it.’

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