‘I have not met one person in my course that’s female. I kind of keep mostly to myself and put my head down and do my work. The people are nice but it’s a bit weird just being in a sea of boys. I’m doing a Bachelor of Science in Games Development.

‘There aren’t any female game developers out there that I know of. All my biggest inspirations are male which is pretty upsetting.

‘I’d really like to be able to work for a big company and change the way people make games because you’ve always got your straight white male protagonist, he’s always 30 years old and looks a bit scruffy. There are no cool female lead characters so I’m hoping to change that one day.

‘People making their little smart comments saying good luck getting a job and stuff like that only drives you further to do it. So I just take that and use it as inspiration to turn around one day and be like ha, look what I did!’

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