‘At the moment, I’m not doing any paid employment. I volunteer 2 days a week at the Ted Noffs Op Shop. I also volunteer for the NSW Consumer Advisory Group for Mental Health. We do systemic advocacy for people with a lived experience of mental illness.

‘Volunteering has really taken over such a big part of my life – not in a bad way – it’s become a full time job for me. I put my whole heart in to it. I really know that I’m doing good work. I know that I’m raising money for troubled youths and families and I know that I’m bettering the quality of life for people with mental illness. It really fills me up with satisfaction.

‘I’m at a crossroads at the moment which is, do I follow my heart and go down the road to mental health advocacy which has almost no job guarantee and no financial gain? Or do I sell out and earn money and live a comfortable life but have no job satisfaction?’

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