‘This project has been in the making for my whole life. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s my favourite style of eating.

‘I grew up in inland Argentina. We weren’t by the sea so it wasn’t like fresh seafood or anything so the food you got was usually out of a can. My mum’s background is Italian and my dad’s Polish so it was always cold cuts, olives, olive oil and cheese and all the good stuff.

‘I just want to bring good food; good times to people. I’ve lived in Newtown for around 15 years. I always say if I won heaps of money in the lotto, I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I just love it here.

‘Newtown is a community where people collaborate on projects together. You don’t really hear about it happening anywhere else. It’s always been like that, that’s what I like about Newtown. Everyone always helps each other out and supports each other which is amazing.’
Continental Delicatessen opened yesterday on Australia Street.

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