‘I’m one in a long line of people who’ve been assaulted of late. Everyone has been a target – transgender, gay, lesbian – people who look different. I’ve heard of punks getting assaulted, goths getting assaulted – it’s insane. I’ve heard of racist attacks. There are people who are going out here on a Friday or Saturday night that would have never, ever come to Newtown previously. It’s the lockout laws in the CBD that have caused this.

‘The most upsetting part was I knew this was coming. Me and my band Love Maul were supposed to play at the Town Hall Hotel. I noticed there was a group of young men following me around yelling out “faggot”. One of them kept deliberately bumping in to me. I warned the security guards and they did nothing. I went upstairs to find our drummer and as I’m walking through the smoking area, my pony tail got yanked really hard and they yelled “faggot” again. Long story short, one of the guys grabbed me by the shirt, pushed me and then I got king hit. The next thing I can remember, my head’s down low and I’m just getting repeatedly punched in the face. But then they let the guy leave. People who were downstairs have told me he was ushered out by security on to the station concourse and told to leave.

‘They didn’t even call me an ambulance. I had blood coming out of my eye, my ear, my nose, my mouth – there are cuts all through it. The fact that a performer can be assaulted like that; someone who’s there to make the pub money, they didn’t care. They just didn’t care.’.

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