‘When I think about the difficulties that all parents face in raising their children and try to imagine parenting in the prison-like environment of a detention centre, it’s impossible to fathom the challenges that mothers in detention must face.

‘We’ve all heard the damning reports about mental, physical and sexual abuse, medical neglect, children suffering from psychiatric disorders and attempting suicide, but I don’t think any of us can really know how hard it is to parent in that kind of environment. I do know that in order to leave your homeland and culture and risk everything for the chance of a better life for your family, takes incredible determination, resilience and courage. Surely, people with these qualities are people we should be welcoming to our country.

‘I’ve just finished co-directing a film that speaks directly to mothers in detention both in Australia and on Nauru. We hope that the film may give those women and their families some small comfort that there are many Australians who know what’s happening to them, who care and who are actively working to change the situation.’

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