Jemima and Kat DSC00615 small

What’s one thing surprising that you’ve found out about each other since you’ve known each other?
‘The amount of stuff we have in common – the fact that we’re damn near the same person. We’re very similar in personality which pisses a lot of people off. Painfully extroverted!’

What’s one of the nicest thing she’s done for you?
‘Whenever I’m upset, she takes me out for coffee and makes me feel better. I can tell her I’m sad and she’s there in a heartbeat.’
‘It’s the same for me. If I’m in a horrible mood, and even if she’s got something to do, she’ll set aside the time to just hang out with me. I know she’s helped me through some really rough patches that I’ve been through even recently.’

‘We’ve both been dealing with mental issues. Both of our psychologists say not to let go of each other.’

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