Anyone keen to be in a Coldplay film clip today? There are still places available. They need the first 250 people lined up at The Courthouse Hotel. TODAY show is there right now too filming. We interviewed Wade, keen Colplay fan and no. 1 in line at the Courty.

‘I’m from Florida. I go to the University of Florida and am here studying at UNSW.

I saw Coldplay in 2012 with a friend. It blew my mind – I’ve always been a big Coldplay fan but it wasn’t until Viva La Vida was when I really started to like them.

I knew that they were going to be here in Sydney on June 19 and I tried to buy tickets while I was at the airport flying here and they sold out in three minutes. My flight got delayed and I was distracted. All these things went down. I was really resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t see them even though I was going to be here. Last night we were sitting at home. We’re big Game of Thrones fans and we’d just downloaded it. And then I saw their tweet about coming down here to get in line to be in their video.

That was around 8pm last night. We showed up here at the Courthouse last night around 9pm but there was nobody in line. We went back home and came back at 6 this morning and we were first in line.

They haven’t said anything about what they’re going to do. That’s the exciting part. I don’t know if they’re filming here at the Courthouse or I think they’re going to take us around and film. They have their plan and we don’t know it. I’m assuming I’ll see the band.’

‘Greg, the redhead, bought a sousaphone so then we decided to make it an official band. People were loving it so then we kept going and started getting offers for gigs. We’re lucky now, we’ve got a bit of a following especially for the busking thing. We can start huge dance parties in the street. It’s awesome – we love it!’

What’s one of the best things that’s happened while you’ve been busking?

‘We were marching down Crown Street in Surry Hills. A lot of the pubs there are double story and people were throwing money off the top. We had our girlfriends there with buckets catching the money. A guy gave us a $100 note once too. That was pretty cool.’

‘My friends were surprised to hear me sing because they didn’t know I could sing really. I’ve been playing guitar for the past seven years – since I was seven. I only started singing just a few months ago though. I’d sung just a bit around the house because my dad plays bass and my mum plays guitar so we always play together. I’ve heard that it’s 90% confidence or something and I think if you can get past that, anyone can really sing.‘I’ve got a bunch of songs written and have recorded two of them so hopefully I’ll finish that off soon and release an EP. I’ve also uploaded one of my songs on Triple J Unearthed High. It’s called ‘But then you find life.’

‘The hardest part of breaking in to the industry is getting originals gigs rather than just playing covers. I had my first gig last week at a restaurant in Glebe. I’d be happy with any gig really – nothing too crazy.’

What do you love most about music?

‘Everyone plays it differently so it’s always going to be something unique.’

‘I’ve been studying music at the Conservatorium. I’ve actually got my graduation this afternoon.’

If you could describe the trumpet as a human, how would you describe it?

‘Like a drunken boxer – it feels like getting punched in the face a bit. It’s like mashing a piece of plumbing in to one of the softest bits of my body.’

Have you ever been punched in the face?

‘Yeah… It’s got its comparisons.’


‘Is there an alien invasion?’

This was the question being asked of one Human of Newtown last night in Camperdown Park. The attention his flying Drone camera received even had people running out from The Courthouse Hotel to find out if Newtown was under attack.

Byron Maxwell :: Photographer was very kind to give us a run down of his new toy as well as share with us this amazing pic of King Street. Bet you’ve never seen a shot of Newtown from this angle before? At the very far left you can just see the light of Centrepoint which should give you your bearings.

For those that went to the March in May rally yesterday, Byron also took some shots from above in his album on his Facebook page. Byron, we love your work!