‘Is there an alien invasion?’

This was the question being asked of one Human of Newtown last night in Camperdown Park. The attention his flying Drone camera received even had people running out from The Courthouse Hotel to find out if Newtown was under attack.

Byron Maxwell :: Photographer was very kind to give us a run down of his new toy as well as share with us this amazing pic of King Street. Bet you’ve never seen a shot of Newtown from this angle before? At the very far left you can just see the light of Centrepoint which should give you your bearings.

For those that went to the March in May rally yesterday, Byron also took some shots from above in his album on his Facebook page. Byron, we love your work!

‘My philosophy in life is to live life to the fullest, to love and be empathetic and to spread that.’
Can you tell me about a time when you’ve found it difficult to be empathetic?

‘Recently I was on a train and I was in a lot of physical pain – I had a bad injury to my leg. I sat down in the area for disabled people and someone was actually racing me to the seat. I ended up getting there first but they got very angry with me. The way that they talked to me was very sad. Looking at me, you couldn’t tell that I was injured and that person wouldn’t know. To be understanding of their anger as well while still feeling my pain and not lashing out at them was really difficult.’

What kind of message would you give to someone like that?

‘Think twice. There might be a reason as to why someone is doing something. Sometimes you don’t need to question them just go with it.’

‘I love that it’s a sport for women that’s about contact. I didn’t know that was an important thing to me until I started playing. Full contact sports like this where women are physically supporting one another, standing in the way of someone else, protecting them. It’s really wonderful. I’m really proud to be a part of it.’

What does that do for women?

‘Women are strong and we can protect one another. We can protect and defend ourselves. Derby’s not about violence. It’s a game about strategy. When I see two blockers protecting their jammer, I actually do get a bit teary. I get a bit emotional about it. It means a lot. I don’t want to paint Derby as a violent sport because it’s not. It’s about strategy.’

If you could describe Roller Derby as a person, how would you describe them?

‘I’d say they’re feisty and never say die but they’ve got a really big heart. They care about their friends but they’re dedicated and focused and they work hard.’

Do you think that ties in with Jackie O?

‘Yeah, I think it does. She’s an incredibly strong woman. She has amazing style. Derby is all about having your own style!’

How would you describe the partnership with the Inner West League and Young Henrys?

‘It’s just a really great opportunity for us to hook up with a crowd that know how to get the Inner West people together which is what we really want people to do as well . We just want people to understand what Derby is as a game and how much fun it is and come and support their local team.’


Thank you to Marrickville Council for picking this image as the winning pic in their Urban Photography competition tonight. I’m very humbled and grateful. I’m not one to post here about myself but I thought I’d share the pic as I love everything this photo says about Newtown.

What would you say has been the hardest part of being a mother?
‘Being able to see my son as somebody separate with his own sort of thinking and ideas because he is very different to me.’

How have you encouraged him to be different?
‘Hopefully through example!’